Shana Puppy Application

If you are seriously thinking of owning a Shana Standard Schnauzer, please take the time to fill out our questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to help you with important decisions related to owning one of our special dogs. It also gives us a chance to get to know you and your family. This is also a important part of helping you choose the right dog for your family. This is the first step to your new friend! We are excited to meet you!

Please Download the Application. You can prepare it manually or with your computer, and you can mail it or Email it:

  • Fill out the application manually:
    1. Print the empty form and fill it out manually.
    2. Then sign it and mail it.
  • Fill out the application on your computer and postal-mail it:
    1. Fill out the form using Adobe Reader, (any version).
    2. Then print it, sign it, and mail it.
  • Fill out the application on your computer and Email it:
    1. Fill out the form using Adobe Reader XI.

      (It is critical that you use Adobe Reader XI. Earlier versions of Adobe Reader will not allow you to save the data you type in. If you don't have Version XI, please visit to get it for free.)

    2. Place your electronic signature on the last page as follows:
      1. On the View Menu, click “Fill & Sign”.
      2. On the sidebar that opens, under “Fill & Sign Tools”, select “Place Signature”
      3. If a dialog opens, type your name in the “Enter Your Name:” box to create your signature. Click “Accept”. (The other signature options may be used at your discretion.) If no dialog opens, just continue to the next step.
      4. Move your mouse over the last page of the Application, and click to place your signature.
    3. On the “File” Menu, click “Save As...”. Provide a file name and location for your completed Application.
    4. Once you've saved a copy to your hard drive, you can attach that copy to an Email and send it off:
    5. Postal Address:

      LeAnn & Louis Shank
      1191 Banks Mill Road
      Aiken, South Carolina  29803

      Email Address:

    6. Visit Our Breeding Plans page for all the latest information on recent and upcoming litters.