Things to Know About Shana Schnauzers

All aspects of breeding are considered before it takes place. Health, structure, temperament are all important to us.

Our dogs have:

  • AKC championship or are being shown
  • Health testing and certification:
    • OFA certification for Hips and Elbows, or Preliminary certification if under 2 yrs of age
    • Eye C.E.R.F. certification
    • Heart echoes by Dr. Hall in Columbia SC on all breeding dogs
    • DCM testing on all breeding dogs and show puppies
    • Thyroid panels
    • Brucellosis
  • Socialization

For the new owner:

  • We provide grooming and feeding instructions
  • We are happy to provide references
  • We encourage you to come visit us
  • We ask that you keep in touch with us, letting us help you with any questions or concerns.
  • We encourage you to continue with crate training and enroll in an obedience class or two.
  • We prefer that you have a fenced yard. We want this to be a friend for life!!
  • We sell our puppies on a spay/neuter aggreement when not being show and our show pups go on a show aggreement.

We are breeding sound, healthy dogs … for ourselves and people like you who are looking for that special friend.